Thursday, May 5, 2011

So Far on This Road PART 4!!!!!

Hello World,

It's been a while since I done this so here I go. So far on this road I been on focused on school, which has been cool it has its ups and downs, I'm still doing my music just recently release Jack Move 2, which can be download on this page, I'm still working on Road 2 Greatness and also a new project called A.C.G (Acronym for Nike's Air Max, Chick, and Green,with Green, meaning whatever you would like it too) which should be out before summer is over. I must say within these last few month I been gaining a tremendous amount of knowledge and running into many great people and opportunities. Also I have been interested in becoming a A and R (Artists and repertoire) for Atlantic or Warner Music Group, who I really been reading about. When I say have a passion for this music I'm so serious I'm going to make it as an artist I'm not so be big on but as an A and R and a CEO of my own recording label/ artist development service. But which ever way I go I'm going to hard just because it is music and I love Music. You know what I will pursue both but mainly Artist. Yeah that what I will do. Well world once again its been nice talking with you until next time. Peace.

Derrone Bates A.k.a Money Makin D

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