Biography Durham-Born Derrone Bates better known as Money Makin’ D is an all around Hip Hop/ Rap artist with a unique touch, witty lyrics, diverse sound, and his dope style. Raised in a city where Jazz and Blues are heavily influenced, where the sounds of little brother and 9th wonder are heard. Money Makin’ D’s music is highly induced by it; with a more modern urban twist. He displays his lyrical skills on mixtape series such as Jack Move volume 1 and Jack Move volume 2, which has over 5,000, downloads on the Internet. Showcasing his talent and collaborating with other artist on mixtapes, such as Money Makin Season with Pennsylvania’s DJ Red caught the attention of online radios, Traphouse Rock Radio, Phenomal Radio, and DivaSpot Radio, landing him an interview on all three stations. . Money Makin’ D has performed events for Afton Booking Agency, clothing line Parallel IV, and opened up Warner/ Bricksquad recording artist Waka Flocka Flame. Money Makin’ D, has recently self released a new single Air Maxes, Chicks, and Green on ITunes, which is slowly climbing its ways up the charts. He is preparing for the URock Tour, starting in August. Money Makin’ D is currently completing his mixtape A.C.G The Mixtape, which is hosted by Jukebox Heroes DJ’s DJ Paradime. Instrumentation Press "This song definitely has a unique sound to it but there are certain things that could be tweaked for this song to reach it's maximum potential. The tempo and the beat is very solid for sure. This song has a definite groove to it. The rapping and vocals flow well. The rhythm patterns come off natural and there doesn't seem to be any problems with it. The rapping is quick and not sloppy. I wouldn't change the vocal/rapping part in the song. The main thing this song doesn't have is enough parts and hooks. The beat is cool but it's constant throughout the entire song. There is not enough “layering”, especially with the beats. For this genre, for a song to stand out it's becoming more on the producer/beat rather than the vocalist/rapping. There are a lot of natural rappers coming out now, then 10-15 years ago. For this song, I would add more instruments to the beat. Don't use the grungy sound throughout the whole song either. Also, I would have some half time beats and more fills for the drum pattern. Overall, the song is decent but lacks enough layers and parts. It's too basic right now. The vocalist/rapping is solid. It comes off natural, which is a good thing. Keep on grinding and good luck!" - Rob Figarola ( Money Makin' D - Producer, Rapper / Songwriter Discography Mixtapes Jack Move (2010) Jack Move 2 (2011) Money Makin' Season Hosted By DJ Red (2011) A.C.G The Mixtape Hosted By DJ Paradime (2012) Singles We Acafool (2010) Air Maxes, Chicks, & Green (2012) Collaboration Projects Nothin' But Greatness Experiment w/ NBGMG (2012)