Thursday, September 30, 2010

So Far On This Road!!!!!!!!!! PART 2

What It do Fans!!!!

Once again its your truly Money Makin D. Since the last time we spoke this been pretty good progressing slowly but surely. The Jack Move Mixtape is finish for any one of was wondering, so whats taking for long for the release you probably asking well it polities as usual but it will be out very soon!!!!! I been also working on new material for Road 2 Greatness EP and some other future projects and Starting tomorrow and every Friday I will be putting new, old and, unreleased material on here. The production side be great and the engineering gigs been amazing. See I live life like another day another dollar NEVER LETTING UP GOTTA GRIND FOR THE POWER!!!!!!! On that note I'm signing off. P.S. to my fans and others reading this be safe and have wonderful weekend.

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