Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So Far On This Road!!!!!!!!!!

Whats Happenin Fans!!!

It the one and only Mr. Money Makin D!!! Anyway now that I got that out the way let me talk you guy about how my life is going so far. First off I pushed my project Road 2 Greatness back and decide to release it as an EP instead of a mixtape. Before you go crazy I do how ever have a mixtape coming out within a week or so called Jack Move, basically where I'm jacking some of the hottest beats in my opinion also to make a statement and let the industry know since they won't let me in I'm going to break it and take mine( Mine being Respect). The Production side of things has been going great just recently did production for Prince Swagg and J.R Reddy whom are two hot new upcoming artists out of Raleigh, NC and also one that I'm proud to say that I'm working in is some production work for the group that I started with Full Clip(J.Knoc,Bama,Ghost,Bre,Lando). My engineer gigs are great and well. So far I have engineer songs for Skull Gang's Deniro & Unkasa, a Few artist on Flava Fruit and many More to come(Never Stop Grindin). For the future I'm going down to florida for school my major is Entertainment Business. I plan to be down there for a year in a half. I give you guy more up dates later but for now signing off.

Money Makin D

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